Latest release 'Bones' Out Now

Hello friends! My first single 'Bones' was officially released on Friday, June 7th on all digital service providers. How exciting! It came out after the video premiered at Aesthetic Magazine. 'Bones' accounts my own personal journey towards striving for authentic self-expression amidst the internal limitations and barriers so intrinsic to being human. The music video for 'Bones' was created in collaboration with local director Casey Kowalchuk and Vancouver flamenco dancer, Michelle Harding. I thought of the concept of using a flamenco dancer to represent my inner struggle as flamenco as an intensely expressive art that boldly confronts raw emotionality and uses it to create beautiful authentic art. I felt it was the perfect fit to visually represent ‘Bones’ as the song explores inner oppression and resistance and the fight to be heard and seen. The flamenco dancer translates emotions into movements and makes the powerful statement through percussive sounds to ‘claim your space’. I hope you get a chance to watch the video. Let me know what you think - Piper

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