Trust your wings

It has been quite a head spin this past year. Last January 'Wildish' was just a quiet bud, not yet the seedling that was to push, pull, snap and break through all my personal barriers over the months and months of incubation. Deciding to write and produce this album at first seemed straightforward and true to my typical form, something I was going to do all by myself. many more times do I need to learn this lesson? Help is a good thing. Yes that's right. Asking for help....well that's another story and one that is full of all that icky exposure and vulnerability. Well help I did receive from a lot of amazing people. About mid-way through the year I found my stride and started to relent to that inner quaking that was kicking me from deep inside to just let go and sing out the bones. So here we are a year later and I am about to set 'Wildish' out into the world. Just a few more months as she builds energy. One of my favourite tracks beckons me to 'trust my wings'. So here's to a new fresh year full of trusting spirit, new beginnings and shedding that heavy payload of limitation.