Darkly sweet vocal performances, often pervaded by scintillating emotion, other times more lilting and inquisitive, and lyrics that strike to the core of an artist successfully struggling to conquer her self-imposed fears of inadequacy and imperfection – listeners are blessed with a truly moving and enriching aural experience. ” - Jim Barber

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New Single 'Soul Eyes' is out now! 

What needs to die for me to live a little bit more today? That question was the inspiration for this song. I often think about this and it is amazing how centering it can be. I also am inspire by Clarissa Pinkola Estes' telling of the folktale "Sealskin, Soul Skin'. When you've been too long on land and just need to dive back in to that inner river and feel your skin again. Maybe find something new. If only we can just shed off the old.

I also was feeling the strong desire to just shed off some old beliefs…

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Latest release 'Bones' Out Now 

Hello friends! My first single 'Bones' was officially released on Friday, June 7th on all digital service providers. How exciting! It came out after the video premiered at Aesthetic Magazine. 'Bones' accounts my own personal journey towards striving for authentic self-expression amidst the internal limitations and barriers so intrinsic to being human. The music video for 'Bones' was created in collaboration with local director Casey Kowalchuk and Vancouver flamenco dancer, Michelle Harding. I thought of the…

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Trust your wings 

It has been quite a head spin this past year. Last January 'Wildish' was just a quiet bud, not yet the seedling that was to push, pull, snap and break through all my personal barriers over the months and months of incubation. Deciding to write and produce this album at first seemed straightforward and true to my typical form, something I was going to do all by myself. Sigh....how many more times do I need to learn this lesson? Help is a good thing. Yes that's right. Asking for help....well that's another…

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